Terms of Service 

Anynames reserve the right to refuse the registration of any domain name they deem to be unsuitable.

Any domain name that is registered remains the property of Anynames until payment has been received in full.

Anynames cannot guarantee that every application will be successful, as each individual registering body may deny registration themselves.

All free services are provided without support.

We will process the registration as soon payment is received, in full but we can not guarantee the registration will be successful. If it is not successful, your payment will be fully refunded.

Transfer of domain names to another ISP, are subject to an administration charge of £20 per domain, payable before transfer.

We will attempt to contact you by email when the name becomes due for renewal but it is your responsibility to inform us if your contact details change. If we cannot contact you, your domain name may be lost and become available for registration by another party.

Anynames cannot be held responsible for any forwarded electronic mail that does not get received by the recipient.

We reserve the right to change these conditions at any time.

Domain name registration

Domain names may be subject to additional terms and conditions as laid down by the respective governing bodies; where possible relevant links have been provided below:



In the unlikely event that you need to complain about a paid service provided by Anynames please see the link below: